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Teaching about the Holocaust

This online workshop includes video segments from a workshop presented in Baltimore, Maryland. The guidelines and methodological suggestions in these video segments are at the core of every teacher workshop and conference presented by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. They are offered here for teachers who are unable to attend a professional development program presented by the Museum. In addition to video of the actual workshop session, segments include historical and artifact photographs, text, and links to related sites within the Museum’s website.

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Thank you

Thank you for “attending” this online workshop. Learning how to teach about the Holocaust is an ongoing process. I hope the information presented, as well as the questions raised here, will improve your ability to teach about the Holocaust in a responsible and careful manner. The Museum offers workshops and conferences in Washington and around the country. Refer to the Professional Events and Resources page for updated information.

I encourage you to revisit the Museum's website regularly for new exhibitions, announcements, and additions to this workshop. As you begin teaching this history or refine your current course or unit, also consider using the resources available to you from local Holocaust-related institutions.

We welcome your feedback about this resource. Please e-mail your comments and questions to

Thank you for your interest in teaching about the Holocaust!

Warren Marcus