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Nazi Ideology and Victims of the Holocaust and Nazi Persecution

Dr. Meinecke spoke to North Carolina teachers at the Museum in November 2002. He presents this material at many of the Museum's teacher training programs on-site and around the nation. In addition to video of the actual workshop session, segments include historical and artifact photographs, text, and links to related sites within the Museum's website.

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The Nazi conception of the world was fundamentally racist. 

They had a crusade-like vision of saving western civilization from Jews. 

They had a strategic vision of a dominant German "Aryan" race ruling subject peoples. 

They believed "superior" races had not just the right but the obligation to subdue and even exterminate the "inferior" ones. 

To ensure the racial superiority of Germany, they instituted the continual self-purge of their society. 

Workshop Video

  • “You wouldn’t be wrong to say the Nazi state was a racist state.”