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The Museum has worked to keep the crisis in Syria in the public eye through exhibitions at the Museum, public programs, and more.


Syria: Please Don't Forget Us

As part of its campaign of violence, the Syrian government has detained more than 100,000 of its own citizens. In many cases, the government has refused to release their names. Families of the missing do not know whether loved ones are alive or dead.

One survivor of detention and torture, Mansour Omari, recently entrusted us with evidence of those crimes, which are on display in Syria: Please Don’t Forget Us. While in prison, Mansour and his fellow prisoners wrote their names on five scraps of fabric in an ink made of rust and their own blood. When Mansour was released, he smuggled out the pieces of fabric so he could inform his cellmates’ families about what had happened to them. He has loaned the fabric to the Museum for preservation and public display.

Using video, music, and testimony, this exhibition introduces visitors to the conflict in Syria through one man’s story.

Genocide: The Threat Continues

This exhibition focused on the efforts of the Museum’s Simon-Skjodt Center for the Prevention of Genocide to bring attention to the people and places at risk today for genocide and other mass atrocities.

  • Uncovering the Horror in Syria
    The photos that a former Syrian military photographer smuggled out of the country in July 2014 provide evidence of the government's crimes against its own people.
  • Syria's White Helmets: Saving Humanity
    This film tells the story of the White Helmets, unarmed volunteers who risk their lives to help Syrians in need.
  • #SaveSyria
    This film tells the story of life under siege in Syria in the summer of 2016 and chronicles the efforts of some of those trying to assist.

The Portal: A Real-Time Conversation with People Forced to Flee Violence

Through this installation, Museum visitors spoke in real time with people who fled genocidal crimes of ISIS in Northern Iraq and the war crimes of Syria’s Assad regime and found refuge in Erbil, Iraq and Berlin, Germany.

For My Son

This virtual reality film allows Museum visitors to experience the journey of Firas, a 27-year-old Syrian refugee striving to rebuild his life far from home.


Ferencz International Justice Initiative Hosts Screening of Syria’s Disappeared

Syrian survivors joined the filmmaker and an international justice expert to discuss options for justice and accountability for mass atrocities in Syria.

Saving a Syrian Synagogue

As the violence intensified in Jobar, a suburb of Damascus, residents banded together to save a historic synagogue and the precious objects within it. Hear about their interfaith, intercontinental effort before the synagogue was destroyed in May 2014.

Five Years of Conflict in Syria: The Road Ahead

On the fifth anniversary of the conflict in Syria, the Museum convened survivors, analysts, and policy makers to talk about how to stop the violence and meet the needs of the worst humanitarian crisis in a generation.