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Photo Gallery

  • St. George’s Church St. George’s Church

    Canon Andrew White delivers First Communion to children at St. George’s Church in Baghdad. It is the only Anglican church in Iraq. —Photo courtesy of Dr. Sarah Ahmed

  • Forced to Flee Forced to Flee

    A young boy guards his family’s valuables—a bag and a pillow—at a refugee camp in Iraq. Many Iraqis have been forced to flee their homes because of their religious beliefs. —Photo courtesy of Dr. Sarah Ahmed

  • A Camp in Erbil A Camp in Erbil

    A woman cooks her dinner at a camp in Baharka, Erbil. Most of the refugees living in the camp are members of the Shabak minority. —Photo courtesy of Dr. Sarah Ahmed

  • Grateful for Aid Grateful for Aid

    Refugees at a Christian camp at Mar Shamoot Church in the north of Iraq eagerly accept a cradle from a relief worker. Families decorate their cradles and write prayers on them; children sometimes sleep in them until the age of five. —Photo courtesy of Dr. Sarah Ahmed

  • Dr. Sarah Ahmed Dr. Sarah Ahmed

    Dr. Ahmed tends to the displaced in Iraq. A medical doctor, she directs the projects of the Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East, which Canon White founded. —Photo courtesy of Dr. Sarah Ahmed

  • At the Museum At the Museum

    Canon White and Dr. Ahmed share what they’ve witnessed in Iraq with policy makers, religious leaders, and Museum officials. —Photo US Holocaust Memorial Museum

  • From Memory to Action From Memory to Action

    Dr. Ahmed tours the Museum’s From Memory to Action exhibition, which explores the genocides in Rwanda, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Darfur. —Photo US Holocaust Memorial Museum

  • “Never Again” “Never Again”

    Canon White lights a candle in the Museum’s Hall of Remembrance. “Sadly,” he said, ”what we dreamt would never happen again IS happening again.” —Photo US Holocaust Memorial Museum