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The Simon-Skjodt Center for the Prevention of Genocide regularly hosts presentations related to the prevention and punishment of genocide and mass atrocities. In lectures, panel discussions, films, and interviews, analysts offer expert insight into the places where genocide has occurred, where civilians are at risk today, and how to prevent and punish the crimes associated with genocide and mass atrocities.

The opinions expressed in these presentations do not necessarily represent those of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

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Featured Events

2016 Sudikoff Seminar: Advancing Research on Mass Atrocities Perpetrated by Non-state Actors

This June 2016 seminar convened a group of international scholars, civil society representatives, and US Government officials to discuss the state of research about mass atrocities perpetrated by non-state actors and policy efforts to prevent them.

Partners in Prevention: A Global Forum on Ending Genocide

This conference brought together government officials from around the world, civil society leaders, academics, and others to discuss and debate progress in global efforts to act on the early warning signs of mass atrocities and identify challenges and opportunities in future atrocity prevention efforts.

Can Atrocities Be Prevented? Living in the Shadow of Genocide

On February 5, 2015, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein delivered a major public policy address at the Museum on the connection between human rights and atrocity prevention.  

Canon Andrew White on Mass Atrocities against Religious Communities in Iraq

Reverend Canon Andrew White visited the Museum on September 15, 2014, to address the increasingly dire situation in Iraq, where the self-proclaimed Islamic State is targeting religious groups for destruction.

International Decision Making in the Age of Genocide: Rwanda 1990–94

On June 1–3, 2014, leading decision makers from the United Nations, Africa, the United States, and Europe will gather in The Hague to consider the failure of the international community to prevent or effectively respond to the 1994 genocide in Rwanda and to explore whether and how the tragedy might have been averted.

The United States and R2P: From Words to Action

Sixty-eight years after the Holocaust, governments continue to struggle with how to prevent genocide and mass atrocities. This symposium, held on July 23, 2013, brought together leaders from inside and outside government to examine the utility of the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) as a tool for preventing the world’s worst crimes.  Read More

Imagine the Unimaginable: Ending Genocide in the 21st Century

More than 60 years after the Holocaust, genocide and crimes against humanity continue as repressive regimes target and kill innocent people around the world. In this July 2012 symposium featuring Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, established and emerging leaders explored what can be done to prevent these atrocities in the future. Read More