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Jewish Christian Relations


DIONNE: How can a Christian celebrate the Jewish roots of Christianity and the deep connection between Christianity and Judaism without denying the dignity of Judaism itself? And it's a question that you have struggled with personally and thought about probably more than most human beings.

CARDINAL LUSTIGER: The point is exactly what the question posed. I mean it's impossible for a Christian to be Christian if he don't recognize that what he believe is also to believe to -- not only the dignity but the vocation of the Jewish people. It's written in the scriptures, in the New Testament, the promise of God cannot be revocated. The Jewish people is elected by God and loved by God. And the revelation is given him and what Christians believe come from the Jews. So, you can't deny this role of the Jews without being no more Christian. I tell this very simply, but it was really not -- affirmed by the Pope and the council of all the bishops - not only as a new opinion - but as a conviction rooted in the Christian tradition.

Excerpt from a Museum program with Cardinal Lustiger on March 29, 2006.