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Warsaw, 1937

Warsaw, 1937

Two young Polish girls look at a beauty parlor storefront in Warsaw, 1937. During Julien Bryan’s many filming trips in the 1930s, he came to love the land and its people, in all their diversity. Bryan reported that

Just as a foreign correspondent might write a book on life in China or Japan, giving the background of the people and showing clearly their economic and social problems, I decided to do much the same thing with motion pictures. These were not to be routine travelogues. Far from it. They were intended to show clearly the trials, the errors, and the misfortunes as well as the progress of the countries in which they were made. I visited Russia and Siberia, Turkey, Finland, and Poland, China and Japan, Mexico and Nazi Germany. All this in peacetime, working slowly and deliberately to obtain an honest and balanced story of normal life throughout the world.

US Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Julien Bryan Archive