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Hitler Youth girls, 1937

The indoctrination activities of the Hitler Youth were particularly intriguing to Julien Bryan. During one of his lecture presentations about Nazi Germany back in the United States, Bryan noted the extent to which Nazis organized propaganda for children, saying, “Young Germans are being constantly schooled in the superiority of the German race, the glory of warfare and of the human composition of other races, along with a hatred of foreign peoples.” At the same time, Bryan was acutely aware of how widespread American fear could be equally destructive: “One of the most dangerous things I think that happened as a result of all this …is if we as American citizens who are not of German blood could develop in this country a deep and bitter anti-Nazi feeling toward German-American citizens because of what Hitler has done. I think we have got to hold together and keep a united front… You right here have got to do your part, too, and have just as much to stand up to things. Otherwise, in five years or less, we will have some … powerful form of fascism here.”

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