Each artifact in our collection has a story to tell. The Artifacts Unpacked video series takes you behind the scenes to learn about the objects the Museum protects and how they keep alive the memory and experiences of victims and witnesses of the Holocaust.

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  • The Violin

    The Violin

    The life of violinist Gabriel Reinhardt—and the lives of his family and community members—was upended when the Nazis escalated persecution against Romani people.

  • The American Family’s Record

    The American Family’s Record

    An American couple captured footage of Germany's annexation of Austria, providing a uniquely personal view of this historical moment and the upheaval that followed.

  • The Stuffed Rabbit

    The Stuffed Rabbit

    A prisoner in Theresienstadt managed to sew a toy for four-year-old Éva Erszebet Kiss, who held onto it for more than 70 years.

  • The Home Movies

    The Home Movies

    After surviving the Holocaust, Louis de Groot retrieved film footage his father had taken of their family before they separated and went into hiding.

  • The Children’s Artwork

    The Children’s Artwork

    Facing deportation, Gertrude Winter—a teacher in Vienna, Austria—collected her students' drawings, photographs, and letters to try to keep them safe.

  • The Puppet

    The Puppet

    US Army Medic Eldon G. Nicholas found a way to bring joy to children in the Vittel internment camp in France.

  • The Crayon Case

    The Crayon Case

    The parents of seven-year-old Leo Melamed fought for his education to continue, even when their future was uncertain.

  • The Teddy Bear

    The Teddy Bear

    How did a boy's stuffed animal help the Butzke family escape Nazi persecution and start a new life in the United States?

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