Voices on Antisemitism features a broad range of perspectives about antisemitism and hatred. This podcast featured dozens of guests over its ten-year run.

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  • Maziar Bahari

    Born in Iran, Maziar Bahari is a journalist, filmmaker, and human rights activist. He has made two films on the Holocaust: one about the refugees aboard the St. Louis and, most recently, about Iranian diplomat Abdol Hossein Sardari, who saved Jews in occupied France. Bahari was imprisoned by the Iranian government from June to October 2009.

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  • Daniel Owen

    Daniel Owen is a photojournalist who spent two years documenting the life, culture, and celebrations of the Jewish community of Oradea, Romania. The Jewish population there has dwindled from a high of 30,000 in the 1940s—or one third of the population of the city—to only a few hundred today.

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  • Mo Asumang

    Mo Asumang is a German filmmaker who confronts racism and antisemitism in the most literal way: she talks with people, face to face. She attends nationalist parades and anti-immigration rallies in Germany. She meets with white supremacists in the American South. She walks up to strangers with her camera crew and just begins a conversation. 

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  • Shankar Vedantam

    Shankar Vedantam has spent a lot of time thinking about the links between science and human behavior. His recent book, The Hidden Brain, challenges us to consider the unconscious biases we may carry, and the ways they steer our behavior.

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  • Colbert I. King

    Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Colbert King has a reputation for direct and plainspoken commentaries. In a recent column, King expressed frustration with what he calls the "tepid" international response to state-sponsored antisemitism in Iran.

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  • Danielle Rossen

    What Would You Do? captures the reactions of ordinary people to real-life dilemmas. While Rossen has sometimes been shocked by bigotry or ambivalence, she has also been inspired by people who take action.

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  • Scott Simon

    The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum mourns the tragic death of Officer Stephen Tyrone Johns, who died heroically in the line of duty on June 10, 2009, protecting our visitors and staff. This episode of Voices on Antisemitism with Scott Simon ran originally on NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday.

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  • Ian Buruma

    Ian Buruma says that freedom of speech must be protected. Unless words can be proven to incite violence, he believes in safeguarding what he calls our freedom to offend.

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  • Laurel Leff

    In examining how the New York Times could have missed—or dismissed—the significance of the annihilation of Europe's Jews, Laurel Leff found many universal lessons for contemporary journalists.

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  • James Carroll

    Though he left the priesthood more than thirty years ago, James Carroll has continued to wrestle with the Church's two thousand year history of anti-Judaism.

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