Voices on Antisemitism features a broad range of perspectives about antisemitism and hatred. This podcast featured dozens of guests over its ten-year run.

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  • Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

    Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks served as chief rabbi of Great Britain and the Commonwealth for 22 years. Now a visiting professor at several universities in the United States and Britain, Sacks discusses the ways in which antisemitism has mutated and evolved over time.

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  • Monika Schwarz-Friesel

    Monika Schwarz-Friesel is a professor of linguistics at the Technical University Berlin. Her recent study---conducted with historian Yehuda Reinharz of Brandeis University---examines thousands of recent letters and emails sent to the Central Council of Jews in Germany and to the Israeli Embassy in Berlin. Their research reveals a surprising level of antisemitism among educated Germans.

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  • Ho-Keun Choi

    Professor Ho-Keun Choi was among the first in South Korea to teach and write about the Holocaust. As a graduate student in Germany, Choi began to view Holocaust education as a way for South Koreans to deal with the tragedies of the Korean War and Japanese rule.

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  • The Power of Propaganda

    We're surrounded by propaganda all the time: some of it benign, some of it dangerous. Propaganda was used to devastating effect during the Holocaust and it's worth studying to understand why and how we are vulnerable to propaganda in our everyday lives. This episode is a collage of people discussing their own relationship to propaganda, and the ways in which they guard against it

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  • Diana Dumitru

    Diana Dumitru found an incredible example of how antisemitism can be dismantled: two territories in Eastern Europe, separated only by a river, shared a legacy of pogroms and violence against Jews. But after WWI, one territory continued a policy of state-sponsored antisemitism, while the other began a policy of integration and acceptance.

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  • Shankar Vedantam

    Shankar Vedantam has spent a lot of time thinking about the links between science and human behavior. His recent book, The Hidden Brain, challenges us to consider the unconscious biases we may carry, and the ways they steer our behavior.

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  • Vanessa Hidary

    In her signature poem "Hebrew Mamita," Vanessa Hidary addresses antisemitic stereotypes in her direct, no-nonsense style. In this piece, she unpacks insult-as-compliment antisemitism, and the subtle ways that oppression can get under your skin.

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  • Vidal Sassoon

    Although Vidal Sassoon has stopped cutting hair himself—he jokes that no one wants an 84-year-old stylist—he maintains a strong pride in his Jewish identity, a robust sense of political activism, and a vigilance toward antisemitism.

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  • Hannah Rosenthal

    The history of Jews in the United States, as well as her own life experiences, have demonstrated for Hannah Rosenthal that coalition building is critical to affecting change around the world.

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  • Ed Koch

    As a young man, former New York City Mayor Ed Koch was drafted into the Army, where in basic training he encountered antisemitism for the first time. Many years later, that encounter continues to resonate.

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