Voices on Antisemitism features a broad range of perspectives about antisemitism and hatred. This podcast featured dozens of guests over its ten-year run.

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  • Gregory Spinner

    Gregory Spinner began reading comics as a kid, but discovered serious and profound stories in graphic art that are anything but childish. At Skidmore College, he teaches graphic novels in his courses, and recently co-curated an exhibit there with Rachel Seligman called: “Graphic Jews: Negotiating Identity in Sequential Art.” Today, Spinner talks with us about the watershed comic Maus, and the evolving expression of Jewish identity through comics.

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  • Dr. Michael A. Grodin

    Dr. Michael Grodin has written about Nazi doctors and the ways patients were systematically dehumanized and tortured. He believes we need to beware of the subtle ways that medical ethics can be subverted in the name of research and public health.

    Tags:   academic perspectivesconcentration campsthe role of education

  • David Albahari

    In many of his novels, Serbian-Jewish author David Albahari challenges readers to re-examine history. Though widely published around the world, Albahari's work is not always popular in his native country, where antisemitism persists.

    Tags:   authorsburden of memoryconcentration camps

  • Rex Bloomstein

    Rex Bloomstein has made many films about Jewish history and the Holocaust, including perhaps the best-known film on antisemitism, The Longest Hatred. Bloomstein's recent film, KZ, presents a modern look at the legacy of the Holocaust.

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  • Ralph Fiennes

    Actor Ralph Fiennes has appeared in a number of films about the Holocaust. In this podcast, he talks with journalist Bob Woodward about his role as SS officer Amon Goeth in the Oscar-winning film Schindler's List.

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  • Helen Jonas

    When Helen Jonas speaks of SS officer Amon Goeth, her voice still bears traces of the horrors she witnessed as his house servant at the Plaszow Concentration Camp. Sixty years later, Jonas met with Goeth's daughter Monika, a meeting recorded for the documentary film Inheritance.

    Tags:   concentration campssurvivor reflections

  • Nechama Tec

    Nechama Tec believes it's important to examine the Holocaust from many different angles. In her work, she looks at the places where antisemitism and sexism intersect, and at the particular ways in which women endured Nazi persecution.

    Tags:   academic perspectivesauthorsconcentration campssurvivor reflections

  • Beverly E. Mitchell

    In Plantations and Death Camps: Religion, Ideology, and Human Dignity, Beverly Mitchell looks at the history both of the Holocaust and of slavery in the U.S. to see what lessons about human dignity can be learned.

    Tags:   academic perspectivesauthorsconcentration campsfighting prejudice

  • Michael Chabon

    In his 2007 novel The Yiddish Policemen's Union, Michael Chabon tries to imagine a way out of the Holocaust.

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  • James Carroll

    Though he left the priesthood more than thirty years ago, James Carroll has continued to wrestle with the Church's two thousand year history of anti-Judaism.

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