Voices on Antisemitism features a broad range of perspectives about antisemitism and hatred. This podcast featured dozens of guests over its ten-year run.

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  • Miriam Isaacs

    Miriam Isaacs was born to Holocaust survivors in a displaced persons camp in Germany. Trained as a linguist, she taught Yiddish for many years at the University of Maryland. More recently, she has been translating the Stonehill Jewish Song Collection, housed here at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

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  • Daniel Owen

    Daniel Owen is a photojournalist who spent two years documenting the life, culture, and celebrations of the Jewish community of Oradea, Romania. The Jewish population there has dwindled from a high of 30,000 in the 1940s—or one third of the population of the city—to only a few hundred today.

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  • Glenn Kurtz

    A few years ago, Glenn Kurtz discovered a reel of film in the closet of his parents' home in Florida. Only three minutes long, the footage shows his grandfather's hometown of Nasielsk, Poland, in 1938. The clip has become surprisingly important—both historically and personally.

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  • Gregory Spinner

    Gregory Spinner began reading comics as a kid, but discovered serious and profound stories in graphic art that are anything but childish. At Skidmore College, he teaches graphic novels in his courses, and recently co-curated an exhibit there with Rachel Seligman called: “Graphic Jews: Negotiating Identity in Sequential Art.” Today, Spinner talks with us about the watershed comic Maus, and the evolving expression of Jewish identity through comics.

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  • Iván Fischer

    Iván Fischer has received a lot of attention around the world for his recent opera "The Red Heifer," based on a 19th-century blood libel case. The opera has been polarizing in Hungary, where antisemitism and anti-Roma sentiments are on the rise.

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  • Petra Gelbart

    Born in Czechoslovakia, Petra Gelbart is a granddaughter of Romani Holocaust survivors. An ethnomusicologist, musician, and singer, Gelbart uses both her research and her voice to educate and advocate for Holocaust remembrance of Romani victims.

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  • Arnon Goldfinger

    After his grandmother’s death, Arnon Goldfinger stumbled upon evidence of a long-term friendship between his Jewish grandparents and a Nazi officer. In his documentary The Flat, he tries to make sense of this relationship, exploring how silence resides in both victims and perpetrators, and how, sometimes, it can shape a family history.

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  • Stephen Mills

    In 2005, Stephen Mills created a dance based on the life of Holocaust survivor Naomi Warren. The work would grow into a community-wide endeavor known as Light / The Holocaust & Humanity Project. A collaboration of artists, institutions, and educators, the work has had far-reaching effects on both audiences and creators.

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  • Edward T. Linenthal

    Edward Linenthal believes memorials serve a complex and important role in society, to help us mourn and remember, but also to encourage a dynamic engagement with history.

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  • David Albahari

    In many of his novels, Serbian-Jewish author David Albahari challenges readers to re-examine history. Though widely published around the world, Albahari's work is not always popular in his native country, where antisemitism persists.

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