Voices on Antisemitism features a broad range of perspectives about antisemitism and hatred. This podcast featured dozens of guests over its ten-year run.

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  • Maziar Bahari

    Born in Iran, Maziar Bahari is a journalist, filmmaker, and human rights activist. He has made two films on the Holocaust: one about the refugees aboard the St. Louis and, most recently, about Iranian diplomat Abdol Hossein Sardari, who saved Jews in occupied France. Bahari was imprisoned by the Iranian government from June to October 2009.

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  • Niddal El-Jabri

    After a deadly attack on a Copenhagen synagogue in 2015, Niddal El-Jabri felt compelled to act. Inspired by expressions of non-violent solidarity happening as part of the Arab Spring, El-Jabri decided to organize a “peace ring” around the synagogue.

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  • Robert Örell

    Robert Örell got involved with the Swedish white power movement in his early teens. Now he works as director of Exit Sweden, the very organization that helped him leave neo-Nazism behind. Since 1998, Exit has helped hundreds separate from white supremacist gangs. Today, they are looking into ways their work might apply to other extremist organizations, including ISIS, religious cults, and criminal gangs.

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  • Kavian Milani

    Dr. Kavian Milani is a practicing member of the Baha'i faith, a physician, and an advocate for human rights. When Milani was growing up in Iran, his father was killed by the regime because of his faith. Today Milani draws on the Baha'i ideals to fight tyranny and to break the cycle of divide and conquer that is at the heart of all dangerous regimes, including the Nazi regime.

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  • Petra Gelbart

    Born in Czechoslovakia, Petra Gelbart is a granddaughter of Romani Holocaust survivors. An ethnomusicologist, musician, and singer, Gelbart uses both her research and her voice to educate and advocate for Holocaust remembrance of Romani victims.

    Tags:   activistsburden of memory

  • Pardeep Kaleka

    In the wake of his father's murder by a white supremacist at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin, Pardeep Kaleka has become a powerful voice against hate crime and violence. Kaleka helped found the organization Serve 2 Unite, which brings together young people from different religious and cultural backgrounds.

    Tags:   activistsbeing an outsideridentity and religion

  • Jamel Bettaieb

    Jamel Bettaieb teaches German to high-school students, which affords him an opportunity that is rare in Tunisia: to teach about the Holocaust. An active participant in Tunisia's recent revolution, Bettaieb strives to be an agent of change in the Muslim world, pushing back against propaganda, antisemitism, and silence about the Holocaust.

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  • Alexander Verkhovsky

    Concerned about a rise in racism and violence, Alexander Verkhovsky examines how interethnic conflict is fostered and spread throughout his native Russia.

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  • Tad Stahnke

    Tad Stahnke believes that discrimination can exist in any society, and affect any individual. Everyone has an interest—and a responsibility—to confront violence and prejudice in our communities.

    Tags:   activistsfighting prejudice

  • Albie Sachs

    As a lawyer defending victims of South Africa's apartheid government, Albie Sachs was harassed, jailed without trial and eventually driven into exile. After the fall of apartheid, President Nelson Mandela appointed Sachs to South Africa's Constitutional Court.

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