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Difficulty getting started
Apr 26, 2014, 02:16:08 pm
Elissa: Hi; my name is Fred Swenson and I'm one of Dr. Orzoff's students at NMSU. Originally, I tried to send this to your email account, but it looks like it was blocked by the security settings on your server, so I'm putting it here.

I was a little late getting started on the project because I had a number of other commitments I had to get out of the way first and frankly, I didn't think it would turn out to be as difficult as it has. Yesterday I read/listened to the tutorials (more than once) and went over Dr. Orzoff's instructions before beginning, and I thought that I would be able to work my way through stage 1 on a student relatively quickly. Well, 3 hours and 4 students later, it still hadn't happened. The first two students I chose couldn't be matched using the search criteria I input. By loosening the search parameters, I was finally able to get one name to come back from the database, albeit with a different spelling from the way it appeared on the original name chosen from the student list. And I still couldn't get past that point. The main sticking point seems to be finding the student's ghetto address. Unless I just missed something on the tutorials, I can't seem to find any way to discover that address.I've looked at students whose names were in bold-faced type in an attempt to trace how other researchers worked their way through the process of assembling data to complete stage 1, but I haven't found anything helpful there, either. What I really need is help in walking my way through the first stage. As I wrote previously, the tutorials, including the videos just don't seem to be giving me what I need. This morning, my wife is going to work with me and we'll see if maybe I missed something. She's an experienced researcher in another field, so there's a chance she may spot what I may have overlooked. I know you must be really busy, but if you could get in contact with me Monday morning to check up on my progress, I would really appreciate it. I'll also post on the Community board and see if I can get some help there. I can be reached at and my phone is 575-649-7976. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

Post script: This morning we were able to make a little progress; we found a ghetto address and transport data on our first student, but that was all we could come up with. The student was Szyja Lichtenstein, born August 14, 1929 Hopefully you or one of the other researchers will be able to get back to me as soon as possible; maybe there there is a faster way of finding and inputting data into stage 1 that we're just not seeing

Best regards,
Fred Swenson