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Abram Langnas
Apr 23, 2014, 06:41:47 pm
I am starting research on Abram Langnas and the only information that I can find on the Holocaust Survivors and Victims Database is Abram's sex, age, ghetto address, and notes. There is no other information given on this little boy so I am not really sure where to go from here or how to finish the rest of the research?

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Posted: Apr 24, 2014 03:25:56 pm
Please add the information you have been able to find into the appropriate fields on the Identity stage, then continue to the next stages to see what you might be able to find in additional resources.
Posted: Apr 27, 2014 11:48:53 am
It has been a few days already and none of my research has been approved and I'm just wondering how long it will take because I am doing this research as part of an assignment for one of my classes which is due Thursday 5/01/14 .