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Anti-Jewish Sign

Anti-Jewish Sign

An anti-Jewish sign posted on a road in Germany reads, “Jews are not wanted here.” Back in the United States, Bryan regularly gave lectures with accompanying motion pictures to convey the looming dangers he foresaw in Europe. During one of these presentations on Nazi Germany in 1938, he said:

And then a sign like this. Along the Rhine you see these signs against the Jew everywhere, … all through central and southern Germany, saying simply and uniformly the same thing. Jews are not wanted here…. Out of my own curiosity because I am a reporter who is anxious to get both sides of the story – I talked further with these peasants and in a number of cases I asked the German people along the Rhine … how come these signs? Who put them up? They rather laughed about it all and not too pleasantly, and they denied having anything to do with it. They had not put it up and nor had the Nazi Party leaders who came. When I pressed further, I learned of course that they did not dare take them down…. In a village like this and several nearby, none of the people had ever known a Jew.

Bryan contributed film material to eleven “March of Time” episodes, including Inside Nazi Germany (1938), which was one of the few newsreels to directly and critically examine Nazi Germany and highlight the persecution of the Jews. This image appears in that newsreel. US Holocaust Memorial Museum, gift of Julien Bryan Archive