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Arthur Szyk

[USHMM #93833/Location of original artwork unknown, photo courtesy of Irvin Ungar through the Arthur Szyk Society ]
Satan Leads the Ball, 1942

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Wartime artists like Szyk often exaggerated or distorted the physical features of Axis leaders to induce laughter and ridicule or expose savagery. In Satan Leads the Ball, Szyk presented a veritable rogues' gallery of Axis leaders who blindly follow the Devil down the path of evil. In 1942, when Szyk created this masterful work, the characters and allusions were clear to contemporary viewers, but with the passage of 60 years some of its messages have been obscured. Some of the figures represent real Axis leaders, like Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, while others are stereotypes or symbols signifying a particular group or idea.

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