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Why Is the Study and Memory of the Holocaust Important for the Church?


DIONNE: I just want to give Cardinal Lustiger a chance to finish where he started and just to talk a little bit before we close about why you think the study and memory of the Holocaust is important for the Church ... in particular for the Church?

CARDINAL LUSTIGER: The question is ambiguous, because it may suggest that what somebody is asking is - What is the Church's interest in studying the Shoah? And I mean of course selfish interest. The answer is that the question is not relevant...

DIONNE: But there's a moral interest...

CARDINAL LUSTIGER: Because if the Church must be interested in the Shoah, it is because the situation requires it. Because the Shoah is a historic phenomenon where the fate of humanity was at stake. And therefore, what was at stake was good and evil and therefore the life and death of humankind. If the Church is not interested in this, what else do you want it to be interested in?

Excerpt from a Museum program with Cardinal Lustiger on March 29, 2006.